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About Honolulu Professionals Programs

Our Organization

We are a private, comprehensive, accredited addiction treatment center with locations in Lihue, Hilo, and Honolulu. Our primary mission is returning the individual, who struggles with addiction, to health.

Dr. Gerald McKenna founded Ke Ala Pono Kauai in 1989, followed by Ke Ala Pono Hilo in 1999, and the Honolulu Professionals Program in 2004. We have specialized in addiction treatment for more than 25 years. Our highly credentialed team is able to assess and treat substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders in each individual.

Our philosophy at Honolulu Professionals Programs is that chemical dependency is a treatable medical illness. We believe in treating our clients with dignity and respect. Our services ae highly confidential.  We do not assign blame to someone who has developed an addictive or psychiatric disorder. Our treatment programs harness this philosophy so that the guilt and shame that accompany addiction is eliminated whenever possible, and patients and their loved ones can solely focus on recovery.

Our Mission

“Returning the patient to health on ke ala pono: the right path for recovery.”

At the Honolulu Professionals Programs, we are committed to helping you stay involved, informed, and comforted throughout your time with us. We are here to help you with every step on the path to recovery.  We respect privacy and value the importance of confidentiality.

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